Friday, 24 October 2014

The Leftover Paradox

Friday morning. Usual time. Usual place. An unusual new addition to the station decor this morning:

This was just one cluster. There was a collection of some other cans on the other side of the shelter. And some empty takeout food cartons outside the shelter. So far, so predictably ned-tastic. Until I saw what was lying just a few steps from the takeout cartons - a half-full tub of hummus. 

For some reason, I just can't imagine the kind of get-together to hang out at the shelter (hot date, that one) that involves both swigging from a can of Tennent's lager and enjoying some tasty organic hummus. What exactly would you call that kind of party? Suggestions on a postcard, please.

Onto the tribulation part of the day - train was due at 7.36. At 7.40 the screens were still saying 'On time'. Many folk panto-muttered 'Oh no, it isn't' under their breath. It then changed to read 'Expected 7.44'. At 7.50 we were finally on our way. Only 14 minutes late. All due to a "train fault on this unit". Very reassuring to hear just after we'd got on the train! But we made it.

Friday's tiny triumph

On tonight's journey home, seeing a young male spring up and offer his seat to an elderly woman, only to blush furiously as she thanked him.

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